Using the Addalock for Your Family Holidays

I am sure that most of you have been on a family holiday. Those of us that have to plan and pay for them know that planning the holidays is a big project to put together. The first decision is that you want to go on holiday, then to decide when and where. If you have kids at school then your time is pretty well decided for you. If your kids are not yet school-aged, then the location and what it has to offer for small children becomes important. No kids, then your planning is different depending on both your age and interests and of course your budget and the amount of time you have for the trip.

Holidays and travelling are wonderful whether it is by car to a nearby resort, or a trip far away from home. We always hope that everything turns out as we expect, that everyone has fun and that we return home safely when it’s over, ready to plan the next trip.

Having put all the time into the planning and waiting you should also think about you and your family’s safety while away on this probably well-deserved holiday. What do you know about the country or place you to which you are going? Is it safe, can you drive, walk, take public transport etc. it’s very important is to know about the accommodation where you and your family will be sleeping? If you will be staying in a hotel, or renting a room in a private home then there is additional information that you can read under the “Uses” tab.

Besides those two types of accommodation I am sure that there are many places where you can spend a holiday and have accommodation that is different from either a hotel room or an apartment. You could be renting a cottage, staying in a hostel, a university dorm that rents out space during summer holidays, on a cruise, a bed and breakfast, anyplace other than staying with family. All these places including the hotels and apartments have one thing in common. There is always someone or many people that have access to your room because they either own it or their work requires them to be able to get into your room.

Addalock, the portable door and travel lock will give you additional safety, security and privacy that you and your family need wherever you are staying. The Addalock works on most in-swinging hinged doors locking them and keeping you safer. Take it with you when you travel.

Please note that the Addalock is used to lock and stay NOT lock and leave. The Addalock was designed to be used when you are in your room to give you and your loved ones additional safety, security and privacy when you are away from home. 


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