Student Safety When Staying Away From Home

As a student leaving home for the first time to go away to college/university, there are many things you need to take care of. One of the first things you need to organize is where you are going to stay. Are you going to stay in residence on campus?

Are you going to rent a room with a family near to the university? Are you going to share a rental apartment with friends? Or is there another arrangement that you may have for your accommodation?  No matter where you plan to live while at college both you and your parents need to make sure that you are safe. This would mean knowing the people with whom you may be sharing accommodation. If you are renting a room from a family, what do you know about them? Sharing an apartment with other students, do you know them and do you know the landlord.

Your safety, security and privacy are very important subjects to review when deciding where you are going to live. One thing in common is that in most cases, someone else has a key and that means that they have access to your room, apartment and or dorm. In addition to the landlord, superintendant and staff on campus, there are all the previous students that lived in the place you now want to rent. How many of them did not hand back their keys? You have to know that both the landlords and the university do not always change the lock every time someone new moves in?

Once you have decided on your accommodation then you should make sure that you take along with you an Addalock, it is a portable door lock that will give you extra, safety, security and privacy while in your room.


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