Addalock Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will it work on my door?

Yes – if your door opens inwards and has enough space between the door and the frame to fit the Addalock in.

2. How can I test my door to know if it will fit before I buy an Addalock?

Take a quarter (coin) and see if it fits in the space between the lock and the frame. If it does then the addalock will fit.

3. Do I need to have a special lock on my door for it to work?

NO. The lock you have has nothing to do with the Addalock working.


4. What tools do I need to install the Addalock?

You do not need any tools to install the addalock. Remove it from the package read the instructions and you should be able to use it right away. It is portable. Use it at home or take it with you.

5. Can I use it to lock my door when I leave my house?

No. The addalock is used to lock and stay. NOT lock and leave. It is to protect you when you are in your home or in a room and not your belongings when you leave.

6. Will it work on other doors in my house?

If you replied yes to questions 1 & 2 then it will work on other doors in your home.

7. Will it work in hotel rooms?

If there is a space between the lock and the frame and the claws of the chrome metal handle fit into the strike plate then it will work.


8. How does it work?

The claws of the chrome body fit into the strike of the frame and when the door is closed the body is secured in place. Once you slide the moving rod of the red handle into the butterfly hole of the body the handle keeps the door shut. Please look and read the instructions.

9. Does it come in other sizes and colors.

No it only comes in one size and the handle color is always RED to indicate safety.

10. My lock latch or lock bolt do not fit through the hole in the Addalock will it still work?

It makes no difference if your latch or bolt fit in the hole of the chrome body of the Addalock.


The Addalock works only with the door strike on the frame and the door itself nothing to do with bolts and latches.

Note: if you both a latch and a dead bolt on your door use the addalock on the strike of the latch. That way you have the deadbolt still working and adding another lock. That is where the name came from Add-A- Lock.


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