Fixed Addalock Uses

5 Places that you would use the Fixed Addalock

The new FIXED addalock (Add-A-Lock) is easy to install. Detailed instructions included.

  • Use the FIXED addalock at home on your front door. If you are going to use the addalock daily on the same front door then install the fixed one.
  • Are you a renter? If you do not own your own property and are renting then ask the landlord if you can install the FIXED addalock on the door. You know the landlord has keys and maybe a few other people may have keys like a family member or even a handyman if the owner lives out of town.
  • Do you own a rental property? A home, condo or cottage then install the FIXED addalock on all the external doors so that your renters will know that you care about them and want them to have their privacy, additional safety and security while renting from you.
  • Are you an AirBNB host or one of the other vacation rental hosts? Are you renting out rooms in your home?  Install the FIXED addalock on your bedroom door and on the bedroom doors that you rent out. You know little or nothing about your renters and they know little or nothing about you. By installing the FIXED addalock in the rooms both you and your renters will have your own privacy, safety and security making it a great promotional point when advertising your rooms for rent.
  • Are you a Board member of a school district, a principle, teacher or parent of a student in the school? Then you want the school to install a FIXED addalock on every door of a classroom, lab or any room used by students, teachers and other school employees. The FIXED addalock will enable anyone in a room to go into a quick lockdown if they hear of someone entering the school that could be a threat to them and others.

NOTE: Whatever the FIXED addalock can do the PORTABLE addalock can do as well. The reason we are recommending the option of the FIXED addalock is when you want to offer additional privacy, safety and security for other people using your home, your rental unit or in a public facility like a school. By using the FIXED addalock you know that it will not be remove when the people leave and will be there for others to use and benefit from it.  

Always ask yourself, “who else could have a key or access to this door?”

Once you think about it and answer that question you will realize that having and using the addalock will give you privacy and additional safety and security.


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