BurglaBar Installation


BurglaBar is a unique self locking hinge-type lock designed to offer additional security protection for Double or Single Hung Windows and Sliding Patio Doors. Mounted out of the reach of infants and small children the BurglaBar keeps those windows and doors shut and the room safe for the child to be in. It requires no tools for installation which takes minutes and its crystal-clear transparency compliments the décor in your home. Made in the U.S.A of clear Lexan and using a Special Adhesive made by 3M the BurglaBar is the ideal affordable solution that provides positive locking protection for you.


Installation: Read the instruction carefully before you install the BurglaBar.

Note: Before installing the BurglaBar while you have the brown backing paper still on, hold the BurglaBar completely flat against the glass that you intent to fix it to and check to see if the door or window that slides in front of it can go over and past the Burglabar. (see Fig 1) If it can then you can start the installation instruction below.

a) Close and lock sliding glass door or window.

b) Close BurglaBar hinge into locked position (Looks like an “L”) With the brown tape protection still on, place the BurglaBar on Door or Window to determine best location. (Use two on sliding patio doors. One 12“ from top and other 12” from the bottom. On sliding windows use one close to the frame.)

c) Clean selected glass position with isopropyl alcohol if not available then use soap and water making sure to remove all soap residues then dry with paper towel or clean soft cloth. (NOTE: Do not use any Windex or glass cleaning related products as they may leave a film and prevent the BurglaBar from sticking to the glass securely)

d) Peel tape backing carefully and fix BurglaBar to the clean glass in the position you selected. Apply pressure with a clean dry cloth to the BurglaBar section that is now fixed to the glass in order to remove the air bubbles. It will take 72 hours to get a strong bond between the glass and the BurglaBar.

e) Push down raised side of the BurglaBar so that it now lies flat against the glass. You can now open your sliding glass door or window.

Download Installation Instructions


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