BurglaBar Uses

BurglaBar is a unique self-locking hinge-type lock designed to offer additional security protection for sliding patio doors and sliding/sash windows. It takes minutes to install and requires no tools.  It’s crystal-clear transparency compliments the décor in your home. Made in the U.S.A of clear Lexan and using a Special 3M Adhesive.

The BurglaBar is an ideal lock for sliding patio doors that helps keep your small children and infants safe. It can be placed high on the door out of reach of the children until they are old enough to know how to use them. The BurglaBars can also be used on sliding mirrored doors and sliding glass door bath enclosures.

The BurglaBar is the ideal affordable solution that provides positive locking protection for you when you’re home and for your possessions when you’re away.

If you are interested in having the Burglabar manufactured either in our Blister Pack design or to have it in your own packaging please contact us.


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