Short Term Rentals of Rooms and Houses by Owner

These days of the sharing economy where many people are renting out rooms in their homes or renting their homes security becomes all important. This creates a completely different situation than staying in the traditional hotel.

Today online sites are offering rooms and homes to rent on short term basis all over the world

While most hosts and guests have great experiences there are many stories that you can read on line where things did not go great for one or both of the parties involved.

If you are the Host renting a room in your home or renting out a house:

There are hundreds of thousands and maybe millions of hosts that rent out one or more rooms in their homes to business people or holiday travelers and when you think of it they are letting in perfect strangers into their homes who they  know nothing or very little about. Besides the issue of the guests looking after the host’s furniture and  belongings there is also the issue of the host’s personal privacy, safety and security and that is where the Addalock the portable door lock can be used. You have strangers in your home so the most important thing to think about is your own personal safety. Besides all the emergency numbers etc. you need to know that when you are in your room you can use the Addalock for your privacy and safety.

Note: I think that by having one in your quests rooms for them to use will also make them feel more comfortable knowing that when they are in their rooms that the Addalock will give them the same privacy and safety as they  do not know much about the host or other guests that maybe sharing the house.

If you are the renter:

There are millions of hosts but there are tens of millions of guests who rent homes and rooms from hosts. If you are one of them you should think about your privacy and safety when they rent from someone you don’t know. I am sure you have read as much as possible about the place you want to book and have read notes on line from those that stayed there before. That is great and a good place to start however, their experience may not turn out to be yours and the most important aspect of your stay is you own personal and your family’s safety and privacy. You know nothing about the person you are renting from and less about anyone else that maybe sharing the house with you.

The Addalock portable door lock which you should bring with you is a very inexpensive way for you to give yourself additional privacy and safety while in your room or in the rented house. Remember if you are renting a house the owner and maybe a few other people have a key. One of the questions to ask a host is if there are locks on the bedroom doors and if there are always make sure to lock and leave the key in the lock turned 90 degrees so it cannot be pushed out. If the Addalock fits in the door use it as well.

Please note that the Addalock is used to lock and stay NOT lock and leave. It is to protect you while you are in the house or in your room from others that may wish to enter.


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