Fixed Addalock Installation Instructions

Installation steps as seen in the pictures

Step 1:Check to see that included in your package is one FIXED addalock, three short screws and two long ones.

Step 2:Make sure that you have the space between your door and the frame to install the FIXED addalock. Insert the chrome body between the door and the frame in the position where you want to install it and if it fits without any force into the gap then you are ready to install.
Note: Do not force it in if there is no room.

Step 3:Place the chrome body of the FIXED addalock up against the door stop in the position where you want to install it and screw in one of the short screws into the oval adjusting slot tight enough to hold the lock in place but not not too tight that you cannot pull it a bit towards you to make the adjustments to fit the handle.
Note: The where the screw is inserted in the slot. This gives room to pull it towards you.

Step 4:Take the Red Handle with the moving metal rod (see image 7 ) and try to insert the rod into the triangular (butterfly) hole from the side of the door. You will notice in image 4 that I have pulled the body out enough to insert the moving rod but the red handle is still sitting too high in the lock.

Step 5:Continue to pull out the chrome lock body till the red handle drops down so that it is now showing some of the chrome body through the handle at the top.

 Step 6:  Seeing the final position that the handle should be from the other side.

Step 7:  Image of moving Rod in the RED Handle.

Step 8:  Now that you have the correct position for the FIXED addalock and it’s working properly it is time to add the screws provided to secure it in place. If you have the room in the wall to put in the long screws then you can use them, or as in my case (image 2) there is glass panel near the door so I only used the short ones.

Step 9:  When the addalock is not in use it can be hung by the moving metal rod at the top of the chrome body.

Step 10 & 11:  This just shows two different heights that the lock can be installed. You may want to place it out of the reach of small children so that they cannot open the door or out of the way so no one walks into it. Place it wherever you want and it will give you that additional safety security and privacy

Remove:To remove the Addalock lift the RED handle and remove the moving metal rod from the triangular ( butterfly ) hole in the chrome body.

Uses:Fits most doors that are hinged and swing inwards. Use for additional safety security and privacy.

Use it on your own home front door or other internal doors. If you rent out a room or a house put it on the doors so that the renters can have their privacy and you can be secure when you have strangers in your home. If you own or rent an apartment and a superintendent has a key for emergencies then use the FIXED addalock for your privacy and security when you are home


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