Security Products from Rishon Enterprises

Rishon Enterprises continue to deliver excellent security products distributed across the internet and shopping sites. We are happy to report that we have helped so many of our valued customers in reinforcing protection to their homes and rooms. Our newest product, the Fixed Addalock, may be used as an added security by AirBnB hosts and school officials may install this to every classroom and labs for a quick lockdown if there is a imminent threat to the security on campus.

Below are more information about our excellent products:


Addalock, is still, and always will be,  your reliable portable door lock. A gadget manufactured by Rishon Enterprises with your safety in mind. It is small and handy you can store it in a drawer or slip it in your bag or luggage when you’re travelling.

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And guess what? We not only provide reinforcement on your doors, we also have a gadget for your windows!


The Burglabar is an easy to install self-locking hinge type lock for additional protection for your home and room. It works for sliding patio doors and sliding/sash windows. Installed properly, you will have reinforcement against forced entries.

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This is our newest addition to our line of door locks to provide maximum protection for you and your family. Fixed Addalock works as well as the portable Addalock only that it is a permanent installation. Airbnb and homeshare hosts can make this as a thoughtful investment for their business to keep their guests safe. It is also very beneficial for school administrators when they call for a school lockdown.

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