Addalock for Your Owned or Rented Condo or Apartment

More and more these days, people are living in condominiums or apartments, whether they own or rent them.

The convenience of living in a building where you don’t have to worry about overall maintenance is part of the attraction for many. However, along with this comes the fact that condominiums and apartments are really shared spaces. You pay maintenance fees in order to ensure that the building as a whole is looked after both in terms of maintenance as well as security. Yet the fact remains that these living spaces allow access to many more people than if you were living in a house. Apart from the other tenants and their friends and guests, there are the managers, superintendants, maintenance staff and security staff that all have easy 24 hour a day access to the building.

Unlike houses, where you can make any change to the security of your dwelling as you like, there are rules and regulations for condominiums that limit the amount of changes that you can make. Specifically, you cannot decide that you want to drill a new hole in the door and add a secondary lock or deadbolt to improve your security, despite the fact that so many people may have easy access to the a building. This is where the Addalock’s simple and easy use makes a difference.

The Addalock is the perfect additional security device for people living in condominiums or apartments. Given the shared nature of the space, many people have easy access to your front door. Someone wanting to get into your apartment doesn’t have to worry about people watching on the street as they have a secure place away from prying eyes to make their entry. Consider the number of times you have noticed complete strangers entering your apartment or condo building. Then think of the number of times these persons have entered whether they have been buzzed in or not. You can’t possibly keep track of all the persons living in your building, so many people get let in as a courtesy. This diminishes the overall security of the building and can place you at risk. Condominiums and apartments are basically shared spaces with shared security and you are therefore depending on your fellow tenants and the security staff to ensure only those with a legitimate reason for being in the building are there. The management, superintendant and maybe some other staff most likely have spare keys to your lock that would allow them entry to your apartment in case of an emergency. However, you are placing your trust in complete strangers that they will not use these keys for other purposes. The reality is, you cannot rely on everyone else to provide security for you while you are at home.

The Addalock gives you additional safety, security and privacy against those who would attempt to forcibly or without your invitation enter your apartment or condo. By using the Addalock when you are in your apartment, you prevent entry and break-ins and it gives you additional security and privacy within your own space. Whether you live alone or with your family, the Addalock is an easy to install, portable secondary lock that will prevent unwanted persons from entering your condo or apartment when you are there. It is removable and complies with condo regulations.

Most condominium and apartment buildings are safe but if you are looking for that additional safety and privacy then the Addalock will help

Please note, the Addalock is used to lock and stay NOT lock and leave. The Addalock was designed to be used when you are in your apartment or condo, in order to protect you and your loved ones when you are at home.


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