BurglaBar About Lexan



Strength: One of the most distinctive attributes of LEXAN resin is its high impact strength. Few other engineering plastics can match its ability to stand up to hard knocks in very cold or very hot temperatures. Products made from LEXAN resin are usually shatter-resistant and virtually unbreakable. With the increased strength ofLEXAN resin, many products can also be made with thinner walls to be lighter in weight

Durability: The physical advantages of LEXAN resin begin with its strength and extend to its resistance to the elements: Heat (up to 212°F/100°C) Cold (down to -40°F/-40°C) Water, Weather, Ultraviolet light, Flame (Underwriters Laboratories UL 94V-0 listed)

Adhesive – 3-M “Isotac”: 3-M “Isotac” adhesive was first used in 1979 by BurglaBar, our old product’s picture appears in their first brochure about the adhesive. The double-sided tape adheres to airline fuselages (Airbus, ex.), keeping exterior trim in place at altitudes of 30,000 feet.

Isotac has traveled farther, in use by NASA in keeping circuit boards, etc. in place at zero gravity in space.

According to 3-M testing, the 3 square inches on each BurglaBar, as properly applied, can withstand dynamic shear of 300 to 450 pounds. A pair of BurglaBars on a sliding patio door can carry up to around 700 pounds of dynamic shear strength.

BurglaBar is a unique self locking hinge-type lock designed to offer additional security protection for Sash Windows and Sliding Patio Doors. It requires no tools for installation which takes minutes and its crystal-clear transparency compliments the décor in your home. Made in the U.S.A of clear Lexan and using a Special Adhesive the BurglaBar is the ideal affordable solution that provides positive locking protection for you when you’re home and for your possessions when you’re away.

If you are interested in having the Burglabar manufactured either in our Blister Pack design or to have it in your own packaging please contact us.


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