Addalock Uses

The addalock (Add-A-Lock) portable door locks requires no tools for installation and can be used as soon as you receive it. Get privacy and additional safety and security in seconds when you use the addalock.

Always ask yourself, “who else could have a key or access to this door?”
  • Use the addalock at home on your front door or any other entrance or exit doors that have a hinged door that open inwards.
  • Use the addalock on your inside doors for privacy.
  • Take the addalock with you when you travel and use it on your hotel/motel room door.
  • Today online sites like, (Vacation Rentals By Owner),,,,,, and many more are offering rooms and homes to rent on short term basis all over the world take the addalock with you for additional privacy ,safety and security as you have no idea what locks are installed on their doors.
  • Renting a cottage for the summer or even the winter? Remember someone has a key.Take and use the addalock so that the holiday that you planned for so long does not have any privacy, safety and security surprises.
  • Do you have latch-Key kids who get home before you? Make sure they use the addalock till you get home. Knowing that they are safer will give you peace of mind while still at work or just out for the day.
  • Do you have kids away at university or are you at university in a dorm or sharing a home? If you are then you should know that they do not change locks every year and someone could have a key to that room. Use the addalock for your privacy and additional safety and security.
  • Do you rent or own an apartment or a condominium? You probably have to give a duplicate key to management for emergency. Other staff in the building may have access to those keys and strangers may get into the building. Use the addalock for your privacy and additional safety and security.
  • Are you sending your young teenager out to do babysitting? Give them an addalock to take with so that they can be secure in that home and you can have peace of mind. Neither you nor your child knows who else could have a key to that home. Let the people know where you are babysitting that you will be using the addalock.
  • What a great gift. Lets the person receiving it know that you care.

Ideas of where you can use the Addalock

Addalock, pronounced add-A-lock, is a portable door lock that can be used on most doors that are hinged and swing inwards. The lock is designed to give you additional safety and privacy while you are in the home or room where the lock is being used. The Addalock is used to lock and stay NOT lock and leave. Use it to protect you while you are in, not your belongings when you are out.

Use it at home:

The Addalock is great to use at home for that additional safety and privacy. Whether you live alone or with your family, the Addalock will give you all additional security when used with the other locks on your door. You can also use the addalock on the inside doors of your home for privacy. Note: Make sure that all those living in the home know how to use the lock in case of emergency.

For more information about using the Addalock at Home click here

Are you going on holiday or taking a trip? Business or pleasure?

When you are away from home whether on business or pleasure staying at a hotel, renting a room, a house, a cottage or some other accommodation always ask yourself. Who else has a key to this room or access to it?  Your answer will always be at least one person and more often more than one and sometimes many people. For your additional safety security and privacy take the add-A-lock with you. Keep one in your travel bag with the instructions is you need to explain it to anyone at the airport or border.

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Do you rent or own a Condominium or Apartment:

Whether you own or rent an apartment, you know that you are not allowed to add another lock to your door because of the By-Laws of the building. Most if not all buildings will not allow you to drill a hole through the door to install an additional lock.  To give you additional privacy and safety you should use the Addalock.

For more information about using the Addalock in your Condo click here

Are you a Student away at College or University?

If you are a student living away from home in a dorm at university or college, maybe even sharing a home close by with friends and sometimes with strangers, you need the Addalock to give you additional privacy and safety. Let your family back home have peace of mind knowing that when you are in your room or dorm you are more secure with the Addalock.

For more information about using the Addalock at College or University click here

Do you have Latch-Key Kids?

Are your children getting home before you from school?  Regardless of their age, these children are young. To give them additional safety and privacy and you the parent peace of mind when you are not there with them let them use the Addalock until you get home.

Are you a Babysitter?

If you are a young teenager trying to earn a few dollars doing babysitting take the Addalock with you so that both you and your parents feel safer knowing that you are using the Addalock and let those people where you are babysitting know that you will be using the lock. You do not know who else may have the key to that home but while you are there they should not be coming in unless you know them and know that they are expected while you are there.

For more information about using the Addalock while Babysitting click here

Are you looking to get someone a gift:

Need or want to buy a gift for someone that has everything or you just cannot think of what to buy. Get them the Addalock and show them you really care.