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Burglabar™: Sliding Door Lock

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USD $6.95
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USD $28.95

BurglaBar is a unique self locking hinge-type lock designed to offer additional security protection for Sash Windows and Sliding Patio Doors. It requires no tools for installation which takes minutes and its crystal-clear transparency compliments the décor in your home. Made in the U.S.A of clear Lexan and using a Special Adhesive the BurglaBar is the ideal affordable solution that provides positive locking protection for you when you’re home and for your possessions when you’re away.

If you are interested in having the BurglaBar manufactured either in our Blister Pack design or to have it in your own packaging please contact us.



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Customer Stories

We have a pool and I wanted extra protection on our sliding glass doors to keep the grand kids safe. The way this needs to be installed is right next to the sliding door and horizontal. I mean right next to it and as high as you can get it. It was easy to install and works great. Of course we also have the regular lock and even put a rod in the track. I just wanted an extra layer of protection and this works well if it is correctly installed. I had read some bad reviews earlier but when I spoke to someone who actually had this product I realized it was all about the installation. That being said, this is not your first line of defense if you have a pool. Locks on the door, adult supervision, clear instructions to your children, pool fences, alarms etc. You can't be too careful!



I purchased the Burglabar on Amazon and wanted to personally thank you for a great affordable product. I sent in a review on Amazon but wanted to offer a personal thank you & review. 
In November 2003, my life was changed forever ! I will never be the same and live with PTSD. In 2003 I was a single female living alone and was victim on a Home Invasion at 6am while showering for work. That day changed my life forever, I've never felt safe. 
I currently have a home security system but wanted added security and peace of mind. This product was easy to install and makes me sleep better at night. I plan to buy additional burgularbars for my windows as well !
I'm in Real Estate and have already suggested your bar to other agents in my office and company. As well as all the homeowners/rental tenants and single women in my office. 



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