Addalock’s Amazing Dorm Life Hacks!

Imagine this: It’s your last day in your parents’ home. One by one you take the boxes from your room to the car that will take you to the next greatest adventure of your life.

You’re finally going to College!

But wait. Snap out of the daydreaming for now and let’s stare at reality in the face. Contrary to what you see in the best selling college themed movies, the dorm life isn’t as easy-peasy as it looks.

You are going to adjust to a new life, new set of people to see as you wake up in the morning, new routines, and many other new stuff to explore. Probably it’s your first time away from home.

And then you panic. What will dorm life be for you? What will your new room be like? Who will be your roommate? Will you get along? Will there be enough space for the 2 or 3 of you? How will you fit all your stuff in?

Yes, the barrage of questions must make your head spin right now. But the great news is this: there are Dorm Hacks to help ease the worry of moving in to your new living quarters in the next 4 years.

  • Typically dorm rooms are small. They are designed for you to take just the essentials for your stay in college.
  • Plan ahead what you need to bring that will fit, at most, 2.5 feet of space beside your bed. You’re pretty lucky if the allowance is bigger than that.
  • When you get to the dorm and meet your roommate, discuss the stuff that you can bring in. There are some roommates that would agree to a sharing arrangement. But then there are others who might not be totally open to this so it is best that you communicate.
  • Ground rules or room rules, for that matter, should be established at the onset, even when you’re living with your best friend. Unclear set of rules can cause even the most agreeable individuals to get into a fight. And you wouldn’t want to be living with a mortal enemy for the rest of your college existence.
  • Arrange your stuff in such a way that you’ll be able to maximize the space. There are really nice dorm room interior arrangements that you can find on the internet.
  • Keep your belongings secure by bringing lock and key sets and at least 2 portable door locks. You’ll be living in a new environment and you’ll never know when your security, safety and privacy may be compromised.
  • Last but not the least, make sure to have a positive outlook towards college life! This is a brand new adventure! Meet people, join organizations or clubs, appreciate your professors (even those whose ultimate goal is to give you hell for the rest of your college life), participate in on-campus events! In short have the time of your life!

There are still so many things to discover in college. Just be open minded and welcome new experiences.


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