What Everybody Ought to Know About Personal Safety

It is not a safe world out there. A crime is being committed by the second. How can you protect yourself?

The first line of defence against crime begins with you.

Toronto Police and San Francisco Safety Awareness For Everyone (SFSAFE) suggest 3 safety tips for you:

    1. Awareness is key. Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. Just because you go the same route everyday doesn’t mean that you will never fall prey to thieves. Some just take their time to pounce at your most unguarded moments.


    1. Work out a plan. Play “what if” games and device scenarios where your safety is at risk. From these exercises come up with a plan that you can use if indeed such scenario would happen to you.


    1. Trust your gut … When you feel that something is wrong, most probably there is. For instance, you are walking alone in the parking lot and you feel someone is watching you. Maybe you are alone in your apartment and there seems to be another person in the room with you. Don’t hesitate and act on it. Call a family member, a friend, a neighbor and explain your predicament.


Watch this video for more personal safety tips.


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