Hotel And Motel Security

Hotels and motels can provide you with excellent accommodations, but they cannot guarantee you safety.

The person or people who stayed in the room previous to you are expected to return their key or keys to the front desk when they check out. That does not always happen. Sometimes people forget or think they have lost them, but ultimately find them.

What if those people wanted to come back to the room even if they have checked out? The likelihood is it’s not going to happen, but you cannot be certain.

So you could check into your room, lock the door behind you and, suddenly, the door opens up and you are facing a total stranger. Maybe it’s not even the person who stayed in the room previous to you. There are various hotel/motel employees with access to that room.

In this day and age of uncertainty because of lack of security, you need to take preventative measures to feel 100 percent safe once you are in the room and you’ve locked the door.

Investing in an Add-A-Lock portable door lock is a way to give you that total feeling of safety and security.

Privacy Is Also Important

It also gives you privacy.

What if someone from housekeeping, management, maintenance or some other department knocks on the door and doesn’t hear a reply and enters the room? You may have your headphones on, or you’re in the bathroom or talking on the phone or are simply busy doing something that has occupied your attention. This could lead to embarrassment on both the part of the hotel/motel worker and yourself. It could also instill in you a sense of fear seeing a stranger in the room, even if that person is wearing clothing that identifies them as working for the hotel.

What if that person is, in fact, not working for the hotel and has somehow managed to secure a uniform and a key to gain access? As remote as any of these scenarios are, in this day and age you can never be certain of anything.

Or what if you thought you locked the door but, in fact, didn’t? Never assume anything.

You owe it to yourself to ensure your safety, security and privacy when staying in a hotel or a motel. You’ve paid for the comfort, why not pay for a lock to protect yourself?

And if there are sliding doors in the room, that could also be another access point. If someone really wants to get into a room, they will find a way.

The Burglabar is another product to keep the sliding doors shut as a secondary measure once they have been locked.



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