Merriam-Webster defines safety as freedom from harm or danger. Personal safety is the absence of physical or bodily harm, harassment, infliction of pain, or physical and emotional distress.

When we wake up every morning, consciously, or unconsciously our personal safety is what comes to mind first. We sigh with relief that we slept through the night and we get to enjoy another day. Before we get up we wonder if our loved ones are secure. Our personal belongings and possessions secure. We try to sense our body, are we in good health? Did we catch a cold virus or did some illness develop during our sleep? Or if you were ill yesterday, are you better today?

Is there anything in the community that might compromise your safety? You read the news, you look out the window, or you try to see what your neighbor is up to.

When nothing seems to be amiss, you breathe out a sigh of relief.

Freedom and safety are two very important concepts that we take for granted everyday. Sometimes just because we are rarely or not harmed at all we don’t think it necessary to take steps to protect our safety.

In the coming weeks we will be posting steps on how to protect your personal safety in the different aspects of your life whether you’re at home, when you are out, in public, in your business, and while travelling.

If you think that it is a safe world out there. Think again.


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