B&B Rooms Offer Choice, But Are They Safe?

One of the growing trends in global travelling is individuals offering rooms to rent. Bed-and-breakfast homes have changed from a cottage industry to big business around the world. It is being advertised significantly on TV, radio and the Internet as a means to promote the concept through companies that list their services.

B&B homes are expanding because people are opening up their homes to visitors perhaps to make some added income. Maybe family members have moved out and the renters have extra rooms or they enjoy their homes and feel comfortable in allowing strangers to stay there.

People have become more creative about making money, and this has created a totally new experience for travelers that aren’t interested in staying at a hotel or motel.

It is all about alternative and choice now. What may have been the way for travelers to lodge a generation ago has completely changed now.

Think about the taxi industry and the alternatives that are available. The common denominator to all of this is choice, convenience and price.

Comfort And Safety

While the places for temporary lodging and the companies that book those services are expected to undergo security checks to provide the consumer with assurance they will be provided with both security and safety, you can never know for certain if, in fact, that is the case.

Consumers that are using the B&B alternative should consider investing in the addAlock (Add-A-Lock) portable door lock to provide themselves with added safety, security and privacy once they have entered the room and locked it. The addAlock provides that second layer of protection.

There may be various people renting rooms in the home. You don’t know them and they don’t know you. Any of these renters may be coming from different parts of the world without speaking a common language. You really are putting yourself into a situation of risk, even though you feel the room you are renting is safe because of the way it has been advertised.

All it takes is one incident to automatically remove that feeling and safety.

Invest In Peace Of Mind

So why take the risk? If you’ve taken the time to research a company offering temporary lodging and it appears to have everything you want, including security, you owe it to yourself to invest in something that will give you added peace of mind.

An addAlock is a specialty product that will allow you to feel safe once you are in the room and have locked it. Whatever type of lock is in place, the addAlock is a secondary way to secure you from unexpected intrusion.

This applies not to only to the person renting a room, but the owner renting out their rooms. You’ve opened your home to people you don’t know because they have provided you with rental money. You don’t want them coming into your room thinking they have total access. Using an addAlock gives you safety and security and privacy.

The privacy aspect is as important as the security. Once you are in your room, you don’t want anyone invading your privacy.

As an added service, the owner renting rooms can provide the renters with an addAlock. It is another aspect of customer service.

Always ask yourself, “who else could have a key or access to this door?”

Once you think about it and answer that question you will realize that having and using the addAlock will give you privacy and additional safety and security.


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