Add-A-lock Provides Safety, Security And Privacy For World Travellers

Shai Rappaport is taking the idea of home safety and broadening it to world travellers with his addAlock (Add-A-Lock) portable door lock.

Whether it’s a person travelling for business or pleasure, Shai is still preaching safety, security and privacy and how the addAlock portable door lock creates that. His goal for this year and the next few years is to reach out to as many people as possible in whatever way he can and educate them on the importance of thinking about their personal safety when traveling. What he wants each and every person to do is “Ask yourself who else could have a key or access to this door?” Once you think about the question and answer it, you will come to the conclusion that you are not the only person with access to that door and you should take your own portable travel door lock with you so have the safety, security and privacy when staying in a hotel or renting a room or a home from a private person

It would be nice if all the hotels, motels, etc. would provide one for their guests, maybe by getting a deposit when they check in and get an addAlock and then refunding it when they check out. If the guest leaves and takes the add-A-lock with them, then the hotel has been paid and the guest is probably happy to have one they can use in other locations.

“The addAlock is basically there to add a lock to your door,” he says. “It’s for your privacy. It’s what I call ‘lock and stay.’ It’s not lock and leave. We care about you when you’re in the room. If you think about the hotel industry, 99.9 percent of it is safe and it’s great. Everything works, but that .01% should not be you and you can prevent it by taking a portable door lock with you.”

But that travel industry has changed. Now all of a sudden you have  sites online such as, (Vacation Rentals By Owner),,,,, and many more offering rooms and homes to rent on a short-term basis all over the world.

The people registered or listed with these companies are renting out rooms and homes all over the world. You know when you’re renting out a room, there may not be a lock on it. It might just be a bedroom. You don’t know who you are renting from and you don’t know if there are other people renting in that same home.

“There may be two rooms being rented out by people from different parts of the world. I’m sure 99 percent of the time everything is great. It’s that one percent and it’s you travelling. Whether you are travelling alone as a business person or you’re travelling with your family, you want to know when you go into your room in one of these homes that you have privacy and safety. When you put the addAlock on the door when you’re in that room, nobody can come in. And the same applies to the person that’s renting out rooms in their house. They’re staying in their master bedroom and they are renting out another room or another two rooms every day or every week. They have strangers coming into their house. They want the people to look after the house and the furnishings because they are using them, but the owner also wants to have privacy and safety. That’s why both the owners and the renters should be using the addAlock so everyone in that home has their own privacy, safety and security.”

The travel industry has changed and where you stay has changed, but looking out for your privacy, safety and security has not changed.

Make sure you take the addAlock portable travel door lock with you.

Keep it in your travel bag.

Do not leave home without it.


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