A Safety Tip For Women Travellers

A woman travelling for business reasons or a holiday will pack her bag with the essentials needed to look and feel good at all times. But in addition to clothing, jewelry and the myriad of beauty items and products to include in the bag, bringing along an addAlock                        (Add-A-Lock) will provide safety, security and privacy to take away any sense of anxiety or fear while travelling.

According to the U.S. Passports & International Travel, women face greater obstacles, especially when travelling alone, than men.

Whether staying in a hotel, motel or someone’s home, feeling safe and secure once the door is locked to the room is crucial. The last thing a woman wants when going away from home to represent herself or her company for business, or simply to get away from it all to relax, is to feel unsafe.

The addAlock is a portable door lock that is easy to install and provides that secondary form of safety, security and privacy that you should have when renting a place to stay. It prevents any unexpected and or unwanted entry by anyone into the room while you are inside.

Anyone with deliberate intentions to enter into a room will likely test the doors. All it takes is one turn of an unlocked or unsecure door knob for safety to be compromised. Inasmuch as hotels, motels or places that offer temporary lodging will stress their rooms are safe, someone with intentions of finding their way inside will do so.

You can’t protect your belongings once you have left the room, but you can always protect yourself once you are in the room and the door has been properly locked.

The addAlock also has another practical purpose: Privacy. Once the door is secured with the addAlock no one can gain access into the room the addAlock gives you that added insurance.

Whenever you travel and wherever you stay always ask yourself

“who else could have a key or access to this door”

Once you think about it and answer that question you will realize that having and using the addalock will give you privacy and additional safety and security.


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