12 Packing Hacks For Savvy Travelers

When travelling, one of the challenges we face is packing. What should go first? What goes where? Two-fold? Three-fold? and your questions go on and on.

How do you avoid an overstuffed luggage and just travel light?

1. Do the fold and roll technique to save space.
2. Create even layers and maximize every inch of your luggage or backpack by placing the bulkiest items at the bottom
3. Stuff shoes with small items such as resealable freezer bags filled with socks and underwear.
4. Place the individual shoes along the edges of the case. Belts can also be placed along the edge.
5. Fill the gaps with small pieces of clothing like t-shirts and camisoles.

6. Larger items like jeans, jackets and dresses should then be laid in flat layers and packed in an overlapping layer formation. If there are gaps around the edges, take flat line clothes and tuck them along the sides.
7. Pack blazers and other lined clothing should be packed inside out to help avoid wrinkles.
8. Save empty travel-sized bottles to refill and use during trips over and over again. This saves space and time and is good for the environment.
9. To avoid spills and leaks on your suitcase, place a square plastic over the bottle before closing the cap.
10. Empty prescription bottles are also great for things like cotton swabs.
11. An old contact case can be of great use from storing small supplies of foundation and other make-ups to little necessities like safety pins.
12. Ditch the heavy stuff of books and magazines and go digital. Loading titles unto your tablet or smartphone will save paper, money and most importantly, your shoulders.

If all of these great tips still haven’t lightened your load, remember you can sneak the heavy stuff into your travel partner’s bag. 😉 For more information on how to do your packing, watch the video below.


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