Simple Home Safety Tips That Work For Super Moms

The moment there’s a child in the home, a mother’s role would be the unending quest to keep her child safe. Parents would often think that the safest place for her child would be inside the abode. On the contrary, it could possibly be the place where most accidents occur.

You can anticipate accidents when teaching your child to ride a bike or when at a jungle gym at the park.  The home is taken for granted because you’re right there keeping a close eye on your child. But stop right there, mom, you’re not watching over him 24/7. You just turn your back one moment and the next you’d hear him screaming because he caught his fingers in the door.

For you super mom, we’ve come up with safety tips to prevent accidents for your little one.


  1. Prepare for the unexpected. 
    Think of the possible situations that will put you and your little one at risk at home. What if a person forces himself into your home? A fire breaks out? An accident in one part of the house? Discuss with your spouse the initial steps in the event that you are in a dangerous situation. If your child is old enough to understand basic instructions, teach him or her how to call 911 and ask for help when he senses that you are in danger or if there is an accident.

  2. Lock all doors.
    You may think you’re living in a safe neighborhood where nary a burglary has happened in the last 2 years. But you’ll never know when your home will be the first target. Make it a habit to keep all doors locked. Portable door locks serve a dual purpose: Adding a layer of security for break ins and unexpected home entries at the same time when you’re inside the house and you have a toddler who is tall enough to reach the doorknob it keeps him from opening the door. Portable door locks are easy to install but too complex for little children to figure out.  This will keep your mind at ease that your child doesn’t go out of the house and wander on the street.When you feel uneasy in your home and believe that your safety may be compromised, don’t hesitate to call 911.
  3. Know your neighborhood and community. 
    If you belong to one of the highly burglarized cities, it would help to do a little research and find out how many burglaries have occurred in your neighborhood. Take time to know what local crimes have been committed so you are aware of how to keep you and your family safe. Get to know your neighbors and their family background. If you’re new to the community, don’t trust anyone right away. Build relationships that will allow you to discover who the people around you really are.

  4. Create an escape plan. 
    Being trapped in your own home can cause you to panic. To prevent it, create an escape plan. Identify the possible exits you can take in case of emergencies. It maybe the fastest route to your car, get you to the street, or a safe place where you can hide.

  5. Invest in a home security system.
    Homes with a monitored home security system are less likely to be a target of burglars. Install motion sensor lighting around the perimeter of the house. It will prevent intruders from trying to get into your home.

These are super simple tips to get you started on home safety. You can add more to them as you are more familiar with the personality and habits of your family members. There are no foolproof plans but it is always best to come prepared for any eventuality. For more safety tips, click here.


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