Here is a Method That is Helping Smart Homeowners Keep Their Family Safe

You have said goodnight to your family and everyone is headed off to bed. You check all the locks around the house, made sure the windows are closed, the burglar alarm switched on. And everything seems to be in place.

You lie down on your bed and about to turn off the light comforted that you have taken all safety and security precautions.

But wait.

Nothing in this world is foolproof. As security gadgets become sophisticated, so are burglars. For sure they have also upgraded their skills to break into your home.

Before you sleep tonight, think about this: What if all your locks failed? What if tonight a burglar enters your home? Not only does he invade your privacy, worse, he threatens your life?

Smart homeowners don’t let their guard down just because all the necessary safety precautions are in place. They go further by making an escape plan.

    1. Orient Your Family with the Floor Layout of your Home.


    1. Go around the house and identify your emergency escape.Half open door of a hotel bedroom 
    2. Plot your escape route on the Floor Layout Print
    3. Practice your escape plan with your family.


  1. Except forDo not post the escape plan on places where just about anyone, especially burglars may see them.

As a smart homeowner, you can make several escape plans and emergency evacuation plans like for fire and earthquake.


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