Having Pizza Delivered Makes Your Home Prone to Burglars

Over 3 million burglaries happen in the United States every year. If you’re renting your home make sure that you and your landlord are taking extra precautions to keep yourself and possessions safe.

Burglars force their way into your home with the intent to steal. It can be a terrifying experience because it violates your private space, disregards your possessions, and most of the time life threatening.

There are 2 types of burglaries. The first type occurs during the day when the resident is usually not at home. The intent is to break in and enter the home to steal items of value. The second type is called home invasion. This is the more dangerous kind of burglary. Home invasion occurs when someone forcefully enters the home when the occupant is in the house and the invader has the intent to harm your person.

With these in mind you have to take prevention seriously and there are many ways to protect yourself from these crimes.

  1. Make it more difficult for the burglar to enter your home. Check all the possible entry points and amp the security.
  2. Make yourself a harder target. Change your routine periodically so that burglars who monitor your movements and activities will not figure out your daily pattern.
  3. Have motion sensor lights on your apartment entrance.
  4. If you’re renting develop an apartment security plan with your landlord. Your safety is not just his or your only concern but other tenants as well.
  5. Prevent strangers from going to your home by refraining from giving your address away when filling up raffle coupons, forms, and the like. Have a post office box where you can have your parcels and letters delivered.
  6. Don’t order home deliveries! Some burglars disguise themselves as pizza or fast food delivery guys. Cook your own food or buy on your way home.
  7. Stay low key. Don’t draw too much attention to yourself. Burglars often target those who wear flashy clothes or expensive jewelry.

Don’t fall victim to break-ins, trespassing, and worse home invasion. As soon as you’re done reading this blogpost check your home security right away.  These tips are not foolproof but you need to start somewhere to safeguard yourself and your property.


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