Home invasion incidents are increasing at an alarming rate every year. Statistics have shown that a very low percentage of invaders and burglars have been apprehended and locked away in jail. This means that more of them get away with committing the crime.

Canada Safety Council defines home invasion as “scenarios which are generally thought of as a premeditated confrontation in the victim’s home with the intent to rob and/or inflict violence.”

A homeowner would never know when he becomes a target of a burglar. It is important that you are on the side of caution for your safety and security.

Perhaps you may say: “It’s not going to happen to me because I’m in the safest neighborhood.” Mind you, your neighborhood could be the target of burglaries because you least expect it, precisely because everyone thinks it is safe. It is best that you don’t take any chances because on worst case scenarios, these home invasions can be deadly.

To stress the point on how important it is for you to fortify your home with whatever means of security, check out the news reports on burglaries and home invasions below.

    1. Hero Dog Survives Gunshot Wound and Saves Family During Home Invasion
      Getting a dog is an added security against Home Invaders. Just like Leon who protected
      his owners from danger when a masked men entered their home.


    1. Son in Hot Water as Mom Stews Over Posole Burglary
      Some home invaders may have a different definition for “objects of value”. Take for instance this man who was charged with residential burglary just to get a pot of posole from his mother’s home.


    1. Children form human arrow to help police find burglary suspects
      Two men, aged 28 and 27, were apprehended when children helped the police by forming a human arrow to point the direction where the men fled.


    1. Burglary suspect killed by 11-foot gator while fleeing Brevard deputies
      Life has indeed a way of bringing justice. A burglary suspect drowned when he was attacked by an alligator while fleeing.


    1. Accused in screen cutter case, faces new charges
      There are serial burglars prowling for the next home to victimize. Some can get away with 15 burglaries in a row.


  1. Rude awakening: Woman finds out from police that she slept through burglary
    The woman can thank the high heavens that neither she nor her grandson were harmed when the burglars entered her home. But some may not be as lucky.

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