Different Classifications of Tourism Accommodations

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Knowing how tourism accommodations are classified is advantageous to avid travellers. Usually these are classified according to target markets. Below is a compilation of different hotel and accommodation classification for reference:

  1. Hotel – An establishment that provides travelers with paid accommodation and other guest services. Depending on size, location, and amenities, hotels are generally rated from one-star to five stars, but letter grading (from “A” to “F”) and other rating schemes are also used to categorize hotels across the world.

  2. Hostel – Ideal for budget travelers and backpackers, a hostel is an inexpensive type of accommodation, usually with shared bedrooms and communal facilities.

  3. Bed and Breakfast – A Bed and Breakfast (B&B) is an intimate, independently run lodging establishment, where breakfast is included in the room rate.

  4. Inn – A small establishment offering overnight accommodation, food, and drink to travelers.

  5. Pension – A type of guesthouse or B&B, where in addition to lodging and breakfast, guests are also offered lunch and dinner. Pensions are usually family-run and cost less than other accommodation options.

  6. Guesthouse – A guest house or guesthouse is a private house offering inexpensive accommodation to tourists.

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