Fixed Addalock


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Addalock at home: Need to use an additional lock everyday on the same door at home, then the new fixed Addalock is what you need. It is easy to install and provides additional safety, security and privacy for individuals or families at home. Its durable design and sturdy steel finish adjusts to almost any door thickness, allowing you to add an additional layer of safety.

AirBNB host or renter: If you are an AirBNB host renting out rooms then you and your renters should use the Addalock for your privacy, safety and security. You have new people sharing your home daily so use the Addalock for yourself and provide it in the rooms that you are renting so that both you and your renters can have peace of mind knowing that you have your privacy and additional safety when you are in your rooms.

School lockdown: The new FIXED Addalock is great for school lockdowns giving an easy, quick and affordable way to lock a classroom door when someone unknown that could be dangerous to yourself and the students has entered the school.

Renting out a property: If you are renting out a property then let the renters know that you care about them. Install the FIXED Addalock so that they can have their privacy, safety and added security knowing that no one that has a key can enter while they are in.