Be a Great Host by Ensuring Your Guests’ Safety

admin Bed and Breakfast, Home Rentals, Travel Safety posted the Millenial Report on their website providing insight that the millenials (ages 18 to 35 years old) comprise a growing generation of consumers and travelers. According to the report this demographic is going to become 75% of guests in homesharing, AirBnB, and many more homes to rent on short term basis in 2025. This is also an indication that many more hosts will get into the homesharing or room renting business.

If you are renting your home, apartment, or offering rooms and homes to rent on a short term basis, you can go the extra mile in protecting your guests’ safety and yours too.

According to an article in Little Hotelier, a typical way of securing doors and entries would be to use a lock and key. In a homesharing set up your guest not only shares your space but also may share your utensils, furniture, and appliances in the common areas. It is also good to remember that keys can be duplicated. It would be such an inconvenience, not to mention additional costs, to keep changing your locks every time a guest vacates.

A more practical way would be to install a Fixed Addalock on your main entries. This will give you and your guest peace of mind as you retire for the night. It will quiet their apprehensions that previous guests may gain entry into your home.

Be an even better host by having on hand several Portable Addalocks and Burglabars that you can offer your guest. It can be a thank you gift for choosing you to be a host. Not only will they be able to use these on their room doors (Portable Addalock) and windows (Burglabar) as they stay with you, but these can be a form of souvenir and reminder to keep themselves safe on their travels.

And the next time they are in town, they would always choose your home because you care for their safety.